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Now I have always gone for mid range tyres but........

Looking at the various tyre comparisons that various organisations and magazines carry out there are large discrepancies between their findings. In one the Landsail, a budget tyre scores highly as does the Save Intensa UHP in another.

So should premium tyres be bought, mid range ones or are budget ones OK if the car is not going to be driven as though it was in an F1 race of competing in the RAC Rally.

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I find Landsails very good if a little noisy. They show no sign of "Threepenny bitting" as has every other tyre that I have had on the 75, some of them quite expensive but none of them on long enough to actually wear out as such. I've even got them on my V8 now and can't complain but I don't push it to extremes of grip. At least they don't tramline like the Potenzas that were on before.
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