Tyre Protectors Fitted by Arctic

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This is how I/we fitted the tyre protectors (RSC000131) to our cars.

To do this easy task of fitting the protectors you will need either a small screwdriver, or punch, sockets 8mm & 10mm & ratchet, trolley jack, or axle stand, damp cloth or wire brush, but I would imagine your normal jack would do the job, if you do use the normal jack for changing a wheel them put the wheel under the sill behind the jack.

I must of had these tyre protectors for at least a year before fitting them, one of those jobs you seem to say to yourself I will do those this weekend but never get round to it.

You should get two tyre protector plates with two bolts to each plate. Fig 1

One of the bolts will have a domed surface so you can not go wrong which bolt fits where Fig 2

Ok now we know what we have and need lets get the wheel off, handbrake on rear wheels chocked, loosen the wheel studs 17mm then jack the car up. Fig 3/4


With all the wheel studs removed you can remove the wheel from the car safely. Fig 5/6


Now the wheel is off and under the sill or put to one side or you may choose to sit on it why you do the fitting of the protectors, you will see the cup of the strut this maybe covered in dirt, if so wipe it clean with a rag or brush it clean with the brush which ever you have to hand.

Once the cup as been cleaned you will notice the two holes in the cup that the protectors fit to,if not these may have dirt in them also, this is when you would use the small screwdriver or as we used a punch to clear the hole, Fig 7/8


With the cup cleaned/clear offer the tyre protector up to the cup, fit the 10mm bolt Fig 9

Only nip this up hand tight at the moment this will allow you to have movement so you can align the 8mm domed bolt Fig 10

Align the domed 8mm bolt then nip this up to, go back to the 10mm and tighten with the socket Fig 11

Now tighten the 8mm domed bolt Fig 12

The tyre protector should be fitted nice and tight Fig 13

Refit the wheel bolts/studs again nipped up fig 14

Lower the jack and torque up the studs to 25mb Fig 15

Remove the jack and repeat on the other side job done Fig 16

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