Two 'versions' of the same OS? by Duncan

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I know you can make windows PCs dual boot. That is one is XP and another say 98. I am also pretty sure you can't boot two different versions of XP with different configurations.

If I'm correct, is there another way? For example two different logins with different configurations. I'm thinking in particular I'd like one machine that I can either boot into XP with T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) configuration (it's fussy about network settings) and XP with normal configurations so I can use the same machine for other uses without having T4 sitting in the background and having to swap network settings.

Or maybe I should do a 98 / XP dual boot and put the T4 on top of win 98?


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Would partitioning the hard drive into two work I wonder?

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You should be able to partition as rover418275 says, then install XP onto Partition 1 for T4 and Partition 2 for general windows.

However, if I remember correctly, you may not be able to get updates for one or the other as Microsoft class it as two seperate Installations on one License.

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You can dual boot a PC with same OS. I've got one at work with 2 Windows 7 Professional installs, 1 being 64bit and 1 as 32bit. If I remember it was just a matter of installing another version and it did the rest (it's a long time since I set it up)

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