Trying to get a quote with Adrian Flux - and failing! by Dave

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Filled in the online quotation form last night, and at the end it said I'd get an email with the quote. No email turned up (and checked spam) so a little disappointed :(

Just tried it again, following the link from here - got as far as the Car Details page and then it kept telling me

"Please select your vehicle from the available list"

although I already had! I was doing this on IE, so then tried on Firefox, only to get the same thing

Sadly, I've had to give up now as we need the insurance this morning

(and yes, I know I can phone up, but that always takes an age!)

Posted 03 Sep 2016, 08:43 #1 

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(Site Admin)
Not only does a phone call result in a much more favourable quote, you also have the option to negotiate further. I've never had to wait more than a few minutes to speak to someone. Then a further ten minutes or so to negotiate and complete the deal.
I'd never use an online quote except in using the cheapest result to negotiate with AF.

Posted 03 Sep 2016, 14:17 #2 

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That's fair enough, but sadly, I am (literally) phonophobic :(

(OK, not sure that's a word, but I can't cope with telephones, and avoid them like the plague. Almost as bad as shopping without it being online!)

To be fair, sorted elsewhere now, but thought I'd flag it up in case AF weren't aware of any issue!

Posted 03 Sep 2016, 16:57 #3 

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Borg Warner
I tried AF for the Jag last week. Kept waiting for 30 mins with the usual comments about how important the call is. Chap took my details, asked 4 questions twice???? Then gave me the quote. As it was my first one I said I would be getting others, his reply was that it was only valid until the end of the call and that he would send me an email with the price. As of today nothing. Called PBIS who were busy, but said they would call me back which they did. Their price was £100 less. Say no more.

Gary M.

Posted 04 Sep 2016, 05:12 #4 

Never known a call centre where you get through to quickly. With Plusnet for phone and broadband. Recently had to call them twice, each time a 45 minute wait but a helpful 'you can use the Internet' which was no use.

In the past have found selectng 'new customer quote' gets you through quicker - do not know why :(

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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First of all thank you for taking the time to request a quotation from ourselves.

Although we do offer an online quotation service, we still process every quote individually - Meaning there has to be a member of staff to process the details and offer a price. We don't just rely on computer generated quotations; we prefer a more personal touch.

You may therefore find you won't receive a quotation email reply for a day or two, I do apologise for this however we prefer to offer quotations by telephone - Over 75% of our customers find they receive a more competitive quotation by calling in as we can discuss options and make small changes to decrease the premium.

If you are still looking for cover, please feel free to PM me your details and I will chase the quotation up for you.

Kind regards,

Posted 05 Sep 2016, 10:39 #6 

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Thanks anyway Dan, but we're sorted now!

Posted 05 Sep 2016, 14:58 #7