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I went into Telford with a colleague in his Alfa Spider a couple of weeks ago. He is as potty about his Spider as I am about VeeKay, if not more so :)

Anyway, on returning to the car, it was pretty obvious that somebody hadn't bothered to use the white lines to select a parking bay but had rather, used Jake's Spider as a marker, leaving a dreadful crease in the Driver's door. The poor chap was suicidal. There was a note on the windscreen giving an apology, a phone number, and an assurance that all would be put right.

Unfortunately, the incident had been witnessed by somebody else on the car park who gave Jake the registration number of the other car, and a pessimistic view as to Jake's chances of getting things sorted out, describing the other car as a "beaten up old Vectra" and describing the driver as a "shifty-eyed individual".

Jake promptly phoned the number given and was met with profuse apologies and given an address in Telford. Apparently, the driver was supposed to be home in time to collect the kids from school and so hadn't the time to wait on the car park.

Jake agreed to visit the other driver once he had a quote for the repair, which apparently, wasn't going to be easy as the whole door had to be replaced, the replacement of the door skin not being a sound way of repairing the Spider door. I believe astronomical sums were involved and Jake was keen to involve his insurers.

He ended up meeting the other chap at Jake's local garage who are the only people that he trusts his car to. I can understand that as I have the same sort of relationship with the guy who fixes my cars if I can't do it myself.

The other driver turned up, paid the repairer's invoice on the spot, without any work having been done, as a good-will gesture and agreed to be responsible for any as yet unforeseen damage. He then offered Jake the use of his wife's car, which he had temporarily insured for any driver, so that the Spider could be left at the garage and work begun immediately.

Jake was driving around in a Corsa for a week or so until yesterday, when he went to collect his repaired Spider, the other driver meeting him there with his wife so that they could recover the Corsa and to make sure that any additional costs were dealt with straight away.

Why the chap didn't go through his insurer, we have no idea. We know he was insured as Jake saw the policy covering both cars when he confirmed that the Corsa was insured for him to drive.

You can't fault the bloke for consideration and courtesy though. Nice to see somebody take their responsibilities seriously :)

The Spider looks immaculate btw. The other driver had made arrangements with Jake's garage to get a mobile valeter in once the door was replaced and the paintwork could take polish. :D

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I don't think that the same thing will happen to me.
You won't have seen the post elsewhere but this is what I found today when I returned to my car which, when I parked, was a good distance from the Honda that was then in the next bay.
Needless to say, I have a crease in the rear door.
I think that it was deliberate.

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Yes Bernard, there are not many like the bloke I mentioned in the OP. Sorry to hear of the damage to yours mate :(

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I Always take 2 spaces now. Still picked up 3 dinks this year :( Sorry to hear about this Mr B.)

As for the OP, I would be inclined to buy the guy a bottle of fine wine and his missus a bunch of flowers for the care he has shown :). Outstanding.
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I feel a vote of thanks from the whole forum is in order to the bloke in the Vectra.

Sorry to hear about your V8 Bernard, hope it's not too expensive to repair.

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Excellent result from a person with full moral standards, I hope some appreciation was shown for his honesty as most as also noted above, and very sorry to hear by the way, would have just driven off.

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