trolley hits a car in a council carpark by jamesgreen

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what is the general opinion on this one.
when emptying the shopping trolley today in a council carpark it rolled into another car posssibly causing some scratches......the scratches that were there were alll higher levels than the trolley but thats another story.
is anyone liable for this as the council do put notices up on the carpark stating you park at your own risk.
the beauty of this is that the lady in question then proceded to reverce into my car whilst trying to park her car afterwards.
all in not sure how this would be settled.
any help appreciated

Posted 23 Oct 2010, 11:42 #1 

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I think the sign means that the council can't be held liable, not that no-one can be.

I would say that if person A, caused damage to person B's car with something unrelated to their own car, then person A is liable for it. If person B, drove their car into person A's car, then person B and their car insurers, are liable.

I'm sure someone will be along soon who can give a more considered repsonse, than my own 'guess'.

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So! let me get this right..... :? You were emptying your shopping from your shopping trolley into your car, at some point your shopping trolley rolled off and bumped into a car which was attempting to park, this parking car while reverse parking then hit your car........ Blooming ek! is that correct ? :o

The Answer to this! :shock: who knows....

I suppose as your trolley that was in your presence rolled off and hit the lady's car causing damage, then maybe you should obviously agree to put right the damage to her car as both of you witnessed the accident.

Then with the lady hitting your car with her vehicle, then that should be a normal insurance routine where you would claim through her insurance (get her details and give them to your insurance company and let them do the work).

I don't think either case matters where the accident happened, both parties were there and any witnesses (I think you're both at fault and need to do the right thing where both parties are happy). :em: Most probably the lady was startled and panicked when your trolley rolled and hit her car, she could easily go down that root with her insurance company if that what has happened.

(Anything on CCTV)..... ?

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weel spoke to insurance co today and to be honest they just laughed the idea that you insure a shopping trolley srings to mind.If the op did try to make a claim it would be against the owners trolley as it isnt my property or a motoring accident afterall the car didnt hit the op car.with regards to the op party hitting my car there is a claim if i wanted to.but for the sake of a scratch on my bumper and a slight scratch on the light lens i wont bother unless the op does try to make a claim.
will now put this one to bed i think.
i dodnt think it helped when the op was very rude to us in showing her unhappiness to this unfortunete accident when i made the reamark dont worry it only a vauxhall which i am not sure that she heard or not.but then again she didnt even relise that she hit my car.

let sleeping dogs lie i think on this one

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jamesgreen wrote:i dodnt think it helped when the op was very rude to us in showing her unhappiness to this unfortunete accident when i made the reamark dont worry it only a vauxhall which i am not sure that she heard or not.

:lol: but don't get to cocky, normally us Rover owners get the sny comments like that :gmc:

(Vauxhalls are still in business)...... :?

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yes it was not a very good thing to say but the attitude of this lady was damnwright rude.had she have been a little calmer i would have got my wallet out and given her some money to call out one of those scratch / dent removal companys out but with that attitde the best of the cuff remark i could think of was that.the annoying thing is that my first car was a vauhall asta and i absaloubtly loved that car it had an isuzu diesel engine in it and was brilliant for plodding round town and even better on the motorway
I think james may of topgear is rigt "gone are the days of volvo drivers we now have rover drivers who seem to think they own the road"

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