tourer rear window not demisting by revor

morning all. gathering any info I can before I start digging. as said window is not demisting, light is on in the button. all the wires in glass look good. fuses not shown in handbook [how mad is that]. got some info from other sides. trying to get all I can before I looking before I give up and go to garage!. do I need to lower rear roof lining to get to wiring?, how too. thanks in advance would like to go to donnington but rather far, any future thoughts on a south east meet. this is probally in the wrong place but I'm sure a mod will move it. revor.

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You can get to some of the wiring at least by taking off the plastic 'guard' that covers the workings at the top of the tailgate. In most cases it is a broken / loose connection....I am reliably informed that new rear screens for the tourer are available should you need one...

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You can get at the wires under the headlining, but not much help as there are no connections to test.

The heated window wire comes up one of the D pillars, I think the left side one from memory. I think there's a connection at the bottom, close to the rear lights but its almost a year since I was 'in' there.

Big brown with trace (I think green). Start by checking power there with the switch on. If no power there, then it's wiring / fuses.

If there is power there, check the screen. Do you get any volts anywhere on it when on? If it's all 12 volts, then the earth is the problem. If it's all 0v it's the power feed. You would need to check where the wires connect to the glass, which is at the top of the glass.

It may be a connector come off, a broken tab on the glass, or a wire broken as it comes through the grommet from the roof.

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To Zeb and Duncan, thanks for info, only just found it. Will have a look when I have time. Peter

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