Tourer rear lights by springy

As above please, must be in very good condition and yes a matching pair as there are so many different shades out there of which my car has two !

Posted 13 Jul 2012, 06:43 #1 

Hi Simon, sent you another pm yesterday but it's still showing in my outbox so I'm not sure whether you've got it or not! I can also send a photo if you want.

Posted 30 Sep 2012, 12:19 #2 

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I could do with some soon too, as mine are hanging by threads....

(wouldn't mind too much but they'll both need to come off soon to access the wiring for the tow bar electrics, currently faulty, so there's a chance of them not going back on after this..... )

Posted 30 Sep 2012, 14:48 #3