Tourer Rear Bumper Screws help needed by carlpenn

On the Mk1 and Mk2 Bumpers there are two different Bumper Screws. The ones that fasten at the top of the Bumper, under the plastic cover so to speak.

If you look here they are number 11:

Now, the early ones are no longer available so I need to use the later ones. However, there are two numbers for the Socket things they screw into, so do I need to buy new ones of these? (They are Number 5 and have two seperate numbers)The previous owner threaded these on mine you see :(

Also on the Tourer, there are two Screws that fasten each side just under the lights, I thihkn they screw into the Black Lamp brackets (Item 9 on the Diagram) but I cannot identify them on that Breakdown. Does anyone know which they are (Rimmers don't as I asked)

Any help appreciated as I need to get these bits before March, which is when I am having the Panel straightened and these bits need replacing

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Posted 10 Feb 2013, 09:14 #1 

Suffolk Man
the screws you are on about i think are m6 i just got some stainless steel ones and put those in as mine had siezed solid and had to be removed with a gas torch and a pair of molegrips after cutting the heads off.the later ones should fit as i doubt mgr changed the captive nuts which are welded to the body

Posted 14 Feb 2013, 22:23 #2