Tourer loadspace cover and net. by Duncan

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Has anyone taken one apart, or done other work?

I have two. On one, the cover is good, but it looks like the net has been chewed by a dog or rear seat passenger. I have another with a good net, but the edge of the cover is frayed.

It looks like there are two assemblies, riveted together with essentially pop rivets.

Anyone swapped bits around?

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No, but I have the same! (ie a non-netty one with a good cover, and a netty one with a literally dog-chewed corner on the cover!)

Posted 05 Oct 2014, 18:31 #2 

My car came with a very nice cover but the type without the dog guard. Bought a used one on eBay. The dog guard was excellent but the load cover very tatty and not required so I cut it off. Now if you have ever had a tape measure snap and the remainder reels round and round in the case that is the noise you will hear but a lot more noisy - so beware strong springs.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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