Top Gear - not what it seems. by Bernard

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I always knew it was heavily edited but never bothered to prove it.
I saw a repeat today where Clarkson was driving a Ford F150 and I recognised he was in Stow-on-the-Wold.

He was waiting at the traffic lights and we saw this view facing forward -

JC then turned to look out of the back to see someone supposedly running off with what he'd taken from the pick-up and the view was this -

They are about 1/4 mile apart and not even on the same road.

I was bored today.
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Posted 28 Nov 2010, 19:01 #1 

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Yes you were bored weren't you! :lol:

Well... just goes to show that continuity wasn't on their minds during that edit! :roll:

Posted 28 Nov 2010, 19:58 #2