top end oil leak problem by moretvicar

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Does any one have any likely contenders for a top end oil leak?
Only just developed but quite dramatic, appears around the top of the pulley end of engine.
I noticed an oily burning smell yesterday, when I lifted the bonnet, the top of the pulley end of engine was sprayed with a coating of engine oil.
It was not apparent a couple of days ago. The area behind the injectors is swimming in oil.
(as is the drive)



Posted 20 Oct 2012, 11:14 #1 

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Mystery sol-ved (said in a Belgian accent).
Well.... sort of solved.
Yesterday I removed the encgine cover for better access to the starter solonoid wire that had previously worked itself loose.
When I looked at the engine with it running, oil was pumping out of the hole for the cover securing screw on the left hand side.
It is in a black plastic assembly?
Billy bodger strikes again methinks - the rear fixing screw has been replced with a two inch lag bolt that doesnt appear to be biting on much at all.

Posted 20 Oct 2012, 16:50 #2