Times must be hard by suzublu

Had a call today from the dealer from whom i bought my car a couple of years ago."Hello sir,it's a while since you bought your car from us,time for change.We are doing good deals on part exchanges,would you care to call & we'll see if we can do a deal?" Well i had to decline,as i'm more than satisfied with the 75,plus,the extras i've fitted would never be recovered,unless i took every thing off & returned it to standard.So,times must be hard in the motor trade if they're touting for business like that.Oh,evening btw,not been posting for a while,but still reading.

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maybe because the price of scrap bling is up they now value your car :D :D :D
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Hardy har har. :whump:

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i regularly get calls from honda cos i took a test drive in a ZT they had for sale a couple of years back.
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Used to work in the trade and it is pretty standard practice to be honest.
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