Thread Photo's Missing (Tinypic.) by Arctic

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Well what can I say it looks like (photo bucket) have struck again as they own (Tinypic) 80%-90% of all the threads I have added to the forums with photo's are now missing

They included the SSC thread, plenums Thread, wing removal thread, & on & on, to go over every thread would be nigh on impossible it would take me months if not a year or more to replace them with another hosting site, so I am sorry to say most if not all the thread I have ever started are going to be useless at the moment, I will over time try and sort them out.

I have already had a few members contact me to ask if I can do anything, it would help if when you are viewing any threads that have my photo's missing if you could high light them by bumping them up at the time, or dropping me a PM but I don't want my PM messaging system to get over logged thank you Arctic.
Pearl Firefrost

Posted 13 Sep 2019, 21:49 #1