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A jolly good day, apart from the rain/hail shower spoiling it :(

Today I gave the car a good wash, clay and then wax. I can't really tell you just how shiny it was by the time I'd finished as by the time I decided to think about moving it to a nice location for a photo shoot so began the rain :hissyfit:

So... there it sat, in the road, getting wet and another day without a photo of it. :roll: :( Mores the pity too because it's a really nice car ;)

Despite the rain I then set to work on another project - moving something into the cigar lighter. Again pictures here would have been nice but I figured there's plenty of pictures afoot of the centre console in a thousand-and-one pieces and by the time I'd finished it was getting dark and I wanted to go for a drive to ensure everything was working as it should having put it all back together. So you'll just have to imagine the centre console all apart with the arm rest and cubby hole out and then perhaps (if you would) envisage me poking my arm around inside the centre tunnel feeding wires through. Then imagine me filing the sides of the cigar lighter 'hole' to widen it to allow something to be poked through (you with me so far?) and then imagine it all being re-assemebled in roughly the same order of disassembly but include a lot of extra swearing/tugging/pulling to get the darned ashtray assembly to seat right. Now you can relax like me having successfully done my first mod on this car :mrgreen:

What did I do? (I hear you ask)

I moved a little postage-stamp sized box that controls the LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) from the cubby box where it was hidden to the cigar lighter. Now I can easily check the contents of the LPG tank by pushing the cigar lighter open and the little tray then slides forwards with said box mounted on the front it :D

Told you this would be better with pictures.... :gmc:

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Have you thought the thread would be better with pictures ;)
Photobucket = Tossers


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Nice pictures, Simon, you could have taken there. :mrgreen:

I like your idea of hiding that little LPG tool in that space. It's invisible yet accessible when needed. :thumbsup:

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