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I noticed diesel had gone up to 142.9p when shopping this morning, and thats at a supermarket.
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If the media had kept their big mouths shut, (Impossible I know) I reckon it would have all blown over and there would have been no panic and no price rises - It's all a bloody con! After all it wasn't the Refinery that went belly-up, it was the holding company! Tell me, just in case I have been ignorant, but when was the last time an Oil Company/Refinery/Fuel Supplier go bust?!

Some interesting reading..... If they can sell it at those prices, why can't we even come close - Apparently we are the 3rd. highest in the world!!! ... etrol.html
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Round here our diesel is always around the £1.42+ mark, even at the supermarket (Tesco). Odd as all the nearby towns (Grantham, Boston, Lincoln) always have it for 5p, 6p, 7p a litre cheaper.....

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RhodieBill wrote:Tell me, just in case I have been ignorant, but when was the last time an Oil Company/Refinery/Fuel Supplier go bust?!

Not sure, but this might have happened to JR in Dallas.....

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As the crow flies I'm about 12 miles from the Coryton Refinery (or 30 miles drive). Petrol here at my local Esso station is 134.9 and diesel 141.9, and neither have changed in the last couple of weeks.

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Don't want to sound daft, but in France, there are 2 main websites which indicate the prices of fuel (all types) for all stations. The first belongs to the government, and the second is more interesting. It is privately owned but can be updated by any of its members. It's a community so to speak ;). One can register for free, enter his location and the website gives in return the best prices around. At any time, one can enter the prices observed around. The website gives the date at which the information was entered. The website also can give the best prices for an itinerary that would be entered. It also shows the location of the station on a Google based map. The member can also set a list of his "favourite" stations with a direct link from the home page. Finally it has a mobile phone optimized page. Have a look here (it's in French and for France at the moment):
Anything like that in the UK? maybe a good idea to start something like that in the UK if not available...
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There's this

I do get routine emails from them, but in all honesty, not a lot of use as all they tell me is that fuel is expensive where I live (and not that, if I travel to any of four or five nearby towns, it'll be 5p a litre cheaper - good job I already know!)

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Basically these petrol price websites are good. But there's a disadvantage. The published prices are often outdated. I've never seen all petrol stations in one area up to date.

In Germany, for example, the prices are going up and down on a daily basis, even twice a day. So it's very difficult to keep tracking them.

There is virtually no competition. If you have seen the price tag at one station, you'll know the price at the others near by. All mayor brands have the same price for the basic petrol and diesel most of the time in certain areas. But some miles down the road, in another part of the city or in a nearby town, the price level may vary considerably.

And the independent outlets will be just 1 cent cheaper than the global players. Exceptions are quite rare.

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