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Please read and discuss:

I have had difficulty in tracking down a low cost thermostat which can operate at 85C for the UK. I am hoping to be able to have them sent out to SA with me. If I am able to find them, then Kaiser has agreed to add them into his alloy metal housing for our cars. For people who do not know, Kaiser is an engineer who runs a V8, several other MGR's and has made high quality alloy thermostat housings. He exports them WW and some members had them fitted.

Another member here asked me to look into this, as he knows that Kaiser is a good friend. It is the member who had this idea in the first place. I do not wish to steal this idea from him. It had been a prionect of long standing and had come to a stand still. He is well known and goes to the Nano's. I won't embarrass him by saying who he is. He may well come forward. I have put this up, as my time in the UK is now short. I aim to conclude this idea / project by the end of the summer. Thanks for your patience.

The thermostat must meet certain measurements: to be able to open and close, whilst being able to fit into the kaiser housing. I am on tapatalk at the moment and will post up a photo when possible.

I tried Calorstat (a kaiser preference) without success and the ones Kaiser used before were from a 1995 BMW 530. Another I tried was for a BMW 525 thermostat RT 6780LRB which an OC member had fitted years ago from Kaiser. Again no luck. I did find an OEM generic thermostat (Euro Parts) which operates at around 92C with similar measurements and design to the BMW one that Kaiser prefers. I have emailed him the specs and photos of the stat last night.

Do you think for the UK, 92C is too high? Plenty around that work at 80C. The member had specified 85C stats.

Thanks for reading this :) Any thoughts good or bad are welcomed!
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Posted 24 Mar 2013, 09:35 #1 

I have been thinking of buying a Kaiser Thermostat house for my recently acquired V6. I thought Stats opened at 88C? Didn't actually know there was different operating temperatures for them ?

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Posted 24 Mar 2013, 09:57 #2 

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Hi Phil,

Will have a search as I know the BMW 5s of the 90s fairly well. I'm looking for a Kaiser stat for a project car! What's his going rate?

Oh and did you get sorted with the TV?



Posted 25 Mar 2013, 19:46 #3 

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Gate Keeper
Hi Jake, Kaiser responded to my query and agrees that the 92C thermostat dimensions and specs could be made to work in his housing. I have put in an express order for some stats and will take them out to him very soon. I have to go through Nairobi which is a pain, as customs always carry out an extensive search of all luggage and passengers on arrival. They look for drugs, anything illegal, even a bribe. As I am always legal it is never a problem :) I am just the courier and a facilitator, as the idea for this improved thermostat originates from a well known member of most of the forums. He deserves the credit and not myself. I am merely helping. He is a modest man and knows much more about our cars, in how they work, than I do. I just wanted this to be clear. Apologies for being repetitive.

I have attached a photo of the stat which is new and sells for £10.74 per unit.
I am not sure what Kaisers's prices are like as we swap tit for tat minus my expenses. I will ask and let you know Jake.

Thanks for the 'talk through' yesterday. Much appreciated. We decided to wait until the summer as soldering will be required and the weather should be warmer :)

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Posted 25 Mar 2013, 21:01 #4 

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Glad I was able to help Phil, it may be worth looking at a lead from Toys in your car, as I understand that allows the unit to be removed, without having to alter your highline loom.

I look forward to hearing from you on the stat - no rush!

Posted 25 Mar 2013, 22:27 #5