The Wife Knows Best! by Lightpainter

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My wife has been telling me that she can hear a ‘tink, tink, tink metallic sound as I drive round a bend and the bakes where squealing at low speed but with my hearing problems I could not hear it, so more in the hope of shutting her up than the thought of finding anything I took the rear wheel off!


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Posted 09 Jul 2010, 08:41 #1 

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Hope you didn't tell her you found something wrong??? :o

You'll never hear the end of it.

In fact if any of our wives see this post we're all done for :panic: :gmc:
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Posted 09 Jul 2010, 08:47 #2 

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Hmmm doesn't look like there is a lot of meat left on those Discs :lol:
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Posted 09 Jul 2010, 08:54 #3 

Cowley_MOA wrote:Hmmm doesn't look like there is a lot of meat left on those Discs :lol:

OK you get first prize for observation! And yes you are correct must go on my to do list.

Posted 09 Jul 2010, 08:58 #4