The Kings Arms july 12th 2015 by mi2540

Hi all apologies for not being around but health and family issues been at forefront but now I able to join in again.
I would like to invite members to a new meet at the kings arms it has a large carpark (100 + spots) as a harvester has good menu and all you can eat breakfast for 4.99. T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) will be available and I,m asked to remind members that it can read ZRs ZS as well as 75s and ZTs.
Also in near future likely that key coding will be available for those needing a second key watch this space for updates.
The meet will start at 10 am and continue to 4pm to allow for some tinkering and t4 sessions

Kings Arms
Stirling Corner
Hope to make some new friends and the meet a regular venue


You can book in events on London and south page if any still members of the OC or turn up on the day all welcome

Yes its unofficial meet no liability insurance and OC are not responsible in any way

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Thanks for posting this up Mike (and the donation) Much appreciated.
I'll be at a wedding (boring), that weekend so count me out

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