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Yertiz has kindly provided the stats in graphical form which we will try and present weekly - albeit on an historical monthly basis.
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This is not intended to indicate all cars available - that would be impossible - but to give general trends. It should show which are the most common years available (eg 2003)- which in turn, is almost certainly a reflection of the number of vehicles produced in any year rather than being indicative of a "problem" year. Eventually, as more cars are scrapped, supply has to fall - and possibly then some of the silly prices being paid for certain "must have" accessories may start to fall too.

Up to 2001 cars were Cowley built "pre-project drive" and even as late as September 2001 Longbridge built saloons still had some of the Cowley spec - such as the real wood dash and the "bullet" style wing mirrors.

Nothing too scientific about this research - I just copy the totals from Ebay at roughly the same time on a Monday evening, using "Rover 75" in the search engine . Next month we will try to include ZTs too. SO:

July 12th

2008 (1)
2005 (17)
2004 (101)
2003 (180)
2002 (117)
2001 (93)
2000 (83)
1999 (32)

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Nice one Robert ;)

Posted 13 Jul 2010, 21:28 #2 

Excellent work. Interesting that 2000 and 2001 are virtually equal.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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