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Just noticed in my latest message that my car Model profile is automatically shown , not see n this in my previous messages is this a new feature ??

if tis then ,could it have a prob as it lists my car as

MG ZT 2.0 CDTi 131Ps Automatic ZT+ Manual ?

shouldn't really have manual on the end ?? :confused:

just wonderin'

Got one for Me , Then one for her, and now a big one for me again, All BLOO! Well saves on the touch up paint, Now Number one son's Spoilt it all by getting a Firefrost 1.8T

Posted 04 Jul 2010, 20:41 #1 

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This is a feature of the Technical section. Have you noticed that no one is asking. What car is it? When a question is posed the car details are automatically shown. Another of Simons clever little tricks. :). :)
It's picking up "manual from your second car details as that is the only item chosen from one of the drop down menus.

Posted 04 Jul 2010, 21:13 #2