Thanks to Sean aka Radioguy (again) by Bernard

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For the second time this year Sean has proved to me how good his service is.
The first time was when I was heading for the Czech Republic and found that I didn't have the SatNav maps for that country and the second just now when a file on the Spanish maps suddenly got corrupted and would not find any Spanish towns. A quick email to Sean and he was back within 4, yes four, minutes with a download of the updated maps. It took me longer to install them on the memory card.
All now working correctly after a bit of a panic on my part.

What did we do before SatNav? I used to find my way around Europe and even Iron Curtain countries with very poor maps. I don't seem to be able to do it now though.

Anyway, I cannot speak highly enough of Sean and his after sales service. To give this service and support FOC even though it must be 5 years since I bought anything major from him deserves recognition.

Posted 22 Oct 2015, 16:59 #1