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Just want to say a big thank you to Arctic for all his hard work today a 1 O'clock finish on the Fan change turned in to 4.30 by the time he did the A/C condenser, vitrol seals, lower engine mount, changed the lights and other bits & pieces.

Can thoroughly recommend him. :-)
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Posted 25 May 2014, 18:44 #1 

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Hi Scott.
Nice to have meet you even though we only live 3/4 mile from each other :-o yes well what was supposed to be a fan change 3 speed to a 2 speed turned out be an epic journey through your cars details in a good way mind.

Once we had got past the odd bumper bolt that would not undo and got the bumper off we could see that at some time in it's life it had had a little accident as the crash bar was creased a bit, also the fan blade split the two light bracket also had damage.

With that in mind we took off the slam panel & crash bar to find the chassis are crumpled a little too.

With fab removed then it was clear the condenser was shot and the A/C had no gas in it what so ever,it so happened I had a condenser which I had not fitted to my own car from late last year, so we decided to change it while we were there and not have to go back to it some time in the near future, I mean who wants to keep taking the bumper off and the fan again.


as you can see hear condenser way past it's best

Now looking mighty fine

Then last but not least the lower engine mount was shot we change that for a yellow power flex I had also just took off my car as I had fitted an OEM one when I did my wishbone bushes.

We also replaced the broken lights, (big thank you to the member who donated them) to help other from the last nano they came in very handy appreciated just shows that even old light can get a new lease of life on someone else's car.

We also did the O-rings which had both enlarge and one completely split, so Scott should now get a bit more pull from his car when pulling out from junctions etc

combine all that with doing other little know jobs when the bumper is off and we had a good productive enjoyable day cheers Arctic

PS Scott don't forget that handbrake :thumbsup:

Posted 25 May 2014, 23:16 #2