Thank you Raistlin by TimO

Having had Raistlin's box of tricks, to enable remote functioning of my FBH (Fuel burning heater.), for some time now. I decided to install it this morning.

Well Mr Raistlin, your a genius - it works perfectly.

Thank you very much.



Posted 22 Nov 2011, 13:52 #1 

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Thanks Tim :)

The original idea isn't mine of course. Keith Alexander and others have been doing this mod in an analogue sort of way for years. I do think the digital version is an elegant solution though :)

Did you fit the latest version with the Summer ventilation option?

When are you doing the Ultimate Remote mod? :lol:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 22 Nov 2011, 15:03 #2 

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Hi Paul
What is this box of tricks and would i like it Arctic.

Posted 22 Nov 2011, 16:25 #3 


No just the 'clear ice and window mist' option, which is sufficient for me at this stage.

Do wish my ZT had a FBH, but I only use her for show these days.

Again, Thanks Paul



Posted 23 Nov 2011, 00:15 #4 

Hopping on the thread... I fitted mine too and it works very well indeed. Just to make a show of it, the other morning after finishing a nightshift, I took my coat off before getting in the car to the amusement of the lads I work with. For the summer and winter option, I just fitted a switch inline with the signal to the fbh. If I turn it off, the blowers come on, but the heater does not. It should give fresh air in summer.

Posted 23 Nov 2011, 06:06 #5 

One little question i've been meaning to ask.
How can I increase the remote box aerial length so I can achieve a response from the remote at a longer distance, is it just a case of adding more wire and locating it in a more prominent position?



Posted 05 Dec 2011, 21:53 #6