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I had my 75 Terracleaned about three weeks ago and thought I'd share my first impressions. My car is a CDT manual with the Xpart upgrade and nearly 130k on the clock. There was a couple of reasons why I thought I'd give it a try. The first was I'd noticed that when the engine was idling the vibrations in the cabin were starting to get worse. The second reason was a bit more concerning. The car felt sluggish and the turbo seemed to take longer to kick in than it used to. I originally thought that the turbo needed replacing and looked at the cost of a new one Eeeek!!! I got several quotes for £600!! Then I remembered watching a YouTube film from Terraclean that sorted someones turbo out, so I thought I'd risk spending £108 in the hope it would save me from further expense. Well I'm pleased to say that the results after the process were pretty much immediate. The engine is a lot smoother and quieter at idle and as for the performance all I can say is Wow! it almost feels like a new car. The lazy turbo now kicks in when it should! The economy has improved slightly but not enough to get exited about, although that might have something to do with me exploiting the new found performance! So in conclusion I'm glad I've had it done and would recommend it to anyone who's been toying with the idea for over a year like I was.


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You just need the 160 upgrade now and you will have a serious grin on your face ;) :D
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I have a serious/joyful grin on my face so :iagree: with the above, plus better mpg also :thumbsup:

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