Taskbar clock keeps stopping? by Tootall

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I am having a problem where my taskbar keeps on freezing, i can only tell its stopped working because of the clock not changing time, if i right click on the taskbar it says that "Windows Explorer is not responding" it will then restart and everything works fine for a short while?

Anybody have any ideas what could be causing this problem.

I am running Vista SP2
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The easiest thing to change when clock loses time and other info is the battery on the motherboard.
Ensure computer is powered down and mains supply not switched on to the machine.
If it's software related cannot help always bypassed Vista.

Do the normal scans for Spyware and Viruses, if recently updated Windoze delete that update and see if it clears.

Last resort roll back to a earlier working time, or repair OS by running repair facility.

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