suspect pas pump dyeing by russell brown

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russell brown
hi, i think the steering pump is gonna go soon...
on tickover or coasting the pump seems o make a very suble whining/moaning noise. however on applying any revs the noise will disappear?
fluid level is ok, am i missing a trick or is it time to replace :roll:
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Posted 01 Nov 2010, 21:27 #1 

I would get it seen to.

I used to have a Fiat Marea. The power steering pump used to groan for ages and gradually got worse over months until it packed in.

The garage advised me that the pump could be replaced, but because it was so knackered, there was a possibility that there could be bits that had gone into the steering rack. This meant that the steering rack could wear out soon afterwards.

In the end, I eBayed the car as spares or repairs becuase I didn't want to spend money on the car if the rack was going to need replacing later.

If I'd fixed the pump earlier, I wouldn't have had all these problems.

By the way, you may be surprised to know, but my Marea was a really nice car - 2.4 5 cylinder diesel engine, which sounded really nice and had heaps of grunt.


Posted 01 Nov 2010, 22:00 #2 

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Not a difficult job to replace, better safe than sorry get it sorted sooner rather than later. Are you 100% certain the noise is from the pump? they are known to fail.
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