Surviving the washing machine by SpongeBob

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Today I discovered I had accidentally left my headphones for my iPhone/iPod in a shirt pocket that, yesterday, went through a full 40ºC wash cycle... :em: :gmc:

Fortunately they came out of said shirt pocket this morning looking a little bit cleaner but still working perfectly :thumbsup: They seemed to had dried out thoroughly along with the shirt over night and survived their ordeal to fight another day :)

Just goes to show that washing something in a machine (with detergent!) that's not even supposed to be submersed in water can still pull a few surprises :D Any more tales of washing miracles or disasters?

Posted 18 Jul 2011, 18:29 #1 

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Next time go for a 60 degree cycle. :mrgreen:

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Posted 18 Jul 2011, 18:37 #2 

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don't think our washing machine would work tilted that far over....:gmc:
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Posted 20 Jul 2011, 17:08 #3 

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I have a white noise masker (kind of a non-hearing aid..) has been through three long washing cycles over the years and is still fine....and nice and shiny..:D

Posted 21 Jul 2011, 21:25 #4