Summat positive... by Zeb

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Well...two things really...

Firstly...for those that were following this thread...

I had a letter today ruling in my favour as regards my appeal for having to pay this amount :D ...which I am very pleased about! However, not so pleased about the fact that I now have to reclaim the money they had already started to take from me to pay them back before the appeal had even been dealt with... :roll:

Still, just goes to show, persistence pays...

Second thing... the ZT-T passed her MOT today! :thumbsup: Still got an advisory on the hand brake though...even with new shoes in her! Think the drums are too far gone and probably the cable too far stretched... :confused: Still, t'is a result after all the work put in.... :cheers:

Posted 11 Apr 2011, 16:08 #1 

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Positive we like :)

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Yes all worth it in the end take this long distance pat on the back :clap: :clap: there you go chuffed now I bet.......look I think I see a thats A BIG GRIN :D :D :D

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Hi Zeb.. Can't see the brake cable stretching much, they would hold a battleship up... :)

I seem to recall Keith (Ellesmere) making new -longer- adjusters by drilling a hole through an M6 bolt.. :D

Thats to replace the adjuster thats fixed to the back wheel.. :)

Posted 11 Apr 2011, 23:22 #4 

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I put new cables on, albeit aftermarket, on one car. Didn't help a lot.

I think rather than the inner stretching, the outer compresses slightly. Certainly there's a slight ruck in the plastic coating.

Another possibility is the expander having worn.

Posted 13 Apr 2011, 18:03 #5