Still Major problems with Adrian Flux by goodlittlewifey

well so far after finding out we actually didnt have insurance, while we were paying them, they are now threatening legal action,
A bit cheeky when we had asked them to refund the monies we had paid them, due to them telling Aviva our car is a Ford Ka, which is why we cancelled our policy, when I spoke to Adrian Flux about this, they told me Aviva told them that on Avivas records they had 2 cars listed with our registation, a rover 75 and a Ford Ka, when I spoke to Aviva they told me they only had 1 car listed with our details, which was from Adrian Flux, stating we had a Ford Ka, !!!!!!!!
Theyve also change the amount they say we,re due them,it was £120, then just under £150
So now I hope Adrian Flux do take us to court , as I.d love them to explain their actions to a judge, I dread to think what would of happened,if we had an accident while we were meant to be insured with Adrian Flux,
Strangely when we insured with kwik fit,instead of Adrian Flux, the information on askmid changed to the right vehicle with 48 hours,
So if you,re already insured with Adrian Flux, or you decide to insure with them in the future, please make sure they,ve given your insurance provider the correct details.and make sure your details are correct on askmid

Posted 25 Oct 2011, 21:50 #1