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I want to remove my steering wheel as the horn and radio controls don't work and having checked the fuse is ok i want to see if it is loose contention. However the 2 fitting that i presume hold the air bag on are at the back of the wheel and sunk in the wheel out of view.Dose any one now what fitting they are and what size?
thanks chris p

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To remove the Torx screws from either side of the rear of the steering wheel (one Torx screw per side) - you'll need a proper T30 Torx key as the aperture is too narrow to use a 'bit' holder and Torx bit
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Or you could use this excellent Know How.


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May I add just one snippet of info with regards to the removal and refitting of the steering wheel,

the 16mm bolt should be tightened to 65 Nm.

As discovered by Dave and I when we removed our steering wheels at a recent Wolves nano-meet.



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