Starter motor removal - diesel by PaulT

This is related to my question about crankshaft pulley bolt.

Haynes says remove starter motor and use a lever to stop the engine turning. .

Following Haynes, remove engine cover, remove air intake duct undo two bolts and the motor falls out (a little poetic licence)

My car is a facelift and there is a flexible duct across the top bolt or so it seems. It does not seem flexible enough to move.

Am I missing something?

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 24 Jul 2015, 17:51 #1 

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I presume this got sorted out, if not I have photo's of how to remove as did this yesterday for nano member whom wanted to changed his starter motor plunger and track connectors

Posted 21 Sep 2015, 11:13 #2