SSL on a home FTP by Mad-Monkey

Is it possible to setup an SSL connection on my NAS at work to say my home and other office location? but... at either minimal to no cost?


edit. would a network illiterate person like me be able to set it up or am I better off just waiting till I get to each location and transfer onto USB?

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Have you thought about using Drop box or Google Drive to share info between locations? Might be the easiest way to achieve working solution.

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Problem is if I am transferring big files I have to upload on a slow speed, whereas I can wait to upload them via USB on a home NAS. Also dropbox etc might not like the file types.

Posted 16 Mar 2013, 13:44 #3 

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I don't think you'll be able to set up an SSL without considerable effort. My understanding is that an SSL is over HTTP and therefore you would have to turn your computer into an Internet server and then purchase "certificates" which basically allow you to encrypt the data being sent back and forth which in turn gives you your SSL connection.

In my opinion using a third party service like Dropbox (which I believe is file-type agnostic) or a good ol' USB drive would be simpler and easier to manage.

Hope that helps.

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It may depend on your NAS. I'm pretty sure you can set up a VPN if you have a Synology NAS. Even if not, you can log in securely (not sure how secure but it does use passwords) and put things directly on the drive.

Posted 17 Mar 2013, 10:27 #5 

I've seen VPN mentioned before around the net. There is a few routers that offer VPN gateway to the net as well which removes all of the regional stuff, so might look at that and see how it pans out! :)

Posted 21 Mar 2013, 14:32 #6 

Ok I'm doing well on this... I think!

I have managed to do the following...

Register my dynamic IP with a DDNS service and then link that DDNS name to a Domain name! (I thought that was pretty cool) I can now log in with a subdomain rather than some boring generic DDNS name.

I have installed a SSL certificate from StartSSL (free one) and can now log in through an FTP client on SFTP. It still lets me log in with FTP so I need to disable that bit I think later on. Any http connections are automatically redirected to https which is good although remote access on https seems to be disabled at the moment.

However when I log in on a new computer I have to manually review the certificate and then trust it. Is there anyway to avoid doing this so its all automatic? are offering SSL certificates for only £3.99 so don't know if it is something that I would get on a paid service? It's only a niggle but I'm most of the way there now!

Posted 21 May 2013, 07:58 #7 

Sorted now pretty much. Tried and although the setup is far easier than StartSSL its the same so actually I've wasted about £4.50 but I'm not bothered as it won't need renewing for 12 months, apparently StartSSL is a monthly renewal process?? Not sure but that's the general vibe I got through searching although information is so patchy it's hard to pick out the relevant bits. However at £4.50 I'm not complaining!

Only thing now is the re-direct on HTTP to HTTPS doesn't seem to be playing ball. I get an error message asking me to use HTTPS before the address, which when I do logs in fine. There's no automatic redirect which can be annoying but the site is bookmarked and it's only me so no great shakes. It might be down to an option on the NAS somewhere but everything obvious is selected.

The SFTP warning is down to software I'm using specifically ftpcafe on Android and FilezillaFTP but a manual check and saving the details allows uninterrupted log in the next time around. All secure.

I know a few people have Synology devices on the forum so hopefully anyone thinking of doing the same will see it can be done and I post further details if needed. More importantly all done for free :)

Posted 22 May 2013, 08:24 #8