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mark d3
thanks mick now fixed LOL evening all some of you know me fron the other site and i met some of you at the recent Wolverhampton nano meet,i have had to re register with a stupidly long user name as i cant remember my previous user name,anyway my problems me springs on my w reg m47 cdt saloon,after getting the lh side front shock,spring and arm replaced the ride height is massive and the car does not handle can i simply cure this problem by putting mg zt springs on the front ?addvice greatly appreciated ps now done 500 miles since the new parts were fitted so i dont think it will settle

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Hi Mark, yes a few of us were there. How is the ABS (Antilock Braking System) now?

Theres a few possibilities.

Normally it's wise only to replace springs in pairs so if you've only replaced one side it could be exaggerating the difference as the car is leaning.

Other possibilities are:

1. Is it an OE spring or an aftermarket one? I believe the aftermarkets are all the same rather than being model specific. Mind you, yours is a diesel and therefore the heaviest anyway.
2. Is it seated properly? If it's not sitting properly in the seat it will be lifting the car.
3. Has the rear spring on the opposite side broken? Easy to miss as you can't see this without removing the wheel. I managed to get through MOTs with broken rear springs before now.



It could be the rear void bush has been fitted wrongly. The back end of the arm is hexagonal and fits in a hex hole in the bush. If you get it out by one flat, the bush would be severely twisted when the car is sat normally. This could increase the ride height and cause it to handle really oddly. It would also destroy the bush quite quickly. Worth a look. Do this by comparing with the other side, the voids should be pretty much the same on both sides.

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mark d3
hi Duncan sorry for the delay in getting back,sadly the abs is still broke but thanks for hooking up the t4 and trying to get it working it will be something mechanical probably ,the spring,shock and arm are not o9e they are aftermarket,in regards to the location i am not sure had someone to fit them for me if someone could help me sort it or diagnose the fault in Septembers nano i would be most great full,in regards to the bush not sure but the repaired side has four coil sections showing the other side has 3

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I would get me another strut from a breakers or the like and fit that to see the ride height
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