Speedo problems by Bozzy1954

Hi, My first post I have a 54 connie cdti it went for a mot last week and passed no problems but the mechanic noticed the speedo wasn't working he checked all the fuses he could find all appeared good,the car has only done about 500 miles since the last mot, is there any known bits that fail that I can check? any help would be appreciated.

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The first check is the front right ABS (Antilock Braking System) sensor as that's what drives it. Is the ABS light on? In fact is the ABS light working, I have known them to be covered up.

Other thing I have seen is a loose plug in the back where someone had been playing and not latched it in properly.

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I changed one of these for Jamie today, what a nightmare to sort out, had to drill what was left of the ABS sensor which had snapped flush, drilling must be precise or damage to the hub bearing will occur, you then will be in a world of pain.

Will do a write up once I have an hour tomorrow cheers Arctic.
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