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It's a shame you've had to concede on this Glynn, but in my view, you've made the right decision for your own sanity.

I'm convinced that these organizations deliberately do not hand over the 'evidence' because Joe public is scared of pushing the case to Court mainly because of the misconceptions fostered and perpetrated by well-meaning but ill-informed people of the type sometimes referred to as 'barrack room lawyers'. The very worst of these is that a Court will sentence more heavily as a punitive measure to discourage defendants from bringing their case to Court.

I did a little checking back on my recent cases and as far as I can tell, in a total of 11 cases of alleged speeding brought to before my Bench, I/we threw out 7 before the case was even concluded owing to an abysmal lack of case preparation or a clear lack of evidence.

In my view, this suggests that those who 'take the pictures' have, quite rightly it seems, so little confidence in their cases that they know what the result is likely to be when presented to a Bench of Magistrates.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Thanks for your earlier input Paul. I think it was the migraine that made me crack...too much going on at the present time. Please don't take my response as a lack of confidence in your side of the procedure....my wife has seen my recent 'luck' averages and I was becoming a bore.
All gone away now. (exxcept the m graines l ngering on a bbit)~~~~~~~~

p.s. the best, and only, picture they presented showed my car partly overlapped by a car parked on the nearside, setting sun reflecting from the side of the car, specular reflections from the blurred bushes showed diagonal movement, all taken with a camera in the hand of a man who was made up of constantly moving parts....and zoomed.
35 in a 30!!! Handheld!

I was surprised that the info on the pic was on a solid black background. I thought the background would be transparent to some degree.
Someone suggested that I might be suggesting that there was a conspiracy...after all I've read it's now quite apparent that there definitely is....hopefully it isn't personal.

Oh well, we all get sloppy and lazy.....just don't pull out in front of me as I may well be staring at the speedo.
I think the Police should have the last word in this. :?

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