Some good PR for the K series by charlie 22

charlie 22
Hi, all watched car sos the other day and they had a K series Caterham 7. The owner had parked it up for 10 years with suspect HGF (Head Gasket Failure) and low oil pressure, they took it to Caterham to get it looked at by one of there engineers. The host did the THEY ALL DO THAT with the HGF and the K series. When they stripped the engine and looked inside, they found that the head gasket was fine and everything around was fine. The host was 100% certain it was going to be HGF and was preparing to right off the engine, he went and asked the engineer what his opinion was as to why the car was laid up and included the information about the low oil pressure, his conclusion was a faulty oil pressure switch the host face was a picture his jaw dropped to the flaw. 0 The kind people at Caterham cleaned up and rebuilt the engine and purred like a kitten when the team reinstalled it even if there was some hesitation but again not the engine fault it was the fuel pump this time dead as a Dodo so got a replacement one from a TVR engine Ford Popular project car .0 I was disappointed when the did there segment driving an example as they chose a car with a Vauxhall 1600 engine not a similar car of the same type with a K series.0

Posted 23 Nov 2017, 17:41 #1