SOLD! 75 cdt ConnoisseurAuto SOLD! on ebay :( by geesmith

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Typing as the wife holds me at gunpoint.... SOLD!

now on ebayView eBay item 250931322762 ...starting bid of £1200...I hope that rises.

My employment terminated on the 30th of September and part of my redundancy package was a 2004 hi roof lwb transit. I now have three vehicles and no job. The insurance costs are eating into my savings so Wolf has to go.
I personally am in no rush. I fell off a container wagon three weeks ago and apart from a couple of gashes I broke my left arm requiring an implant in the elbow end of my radius bone. I took my plaster cast off last night and today I drove wolf the 75 for the first time in 3 weeks. Not difficult at all him being an auto and all.( I can't believe I'm offering him for sale)...

2003 on an 03 plate.
Royal Blue Saloon (JFM) metallic with sandstone leather.
2x new BFGoodrich tyres on the front a few months ago. Good rears.
117,300 miles with all history up to 2010.
One previous owner from new.
Usual Conny extras. Electric front seats etc. New in tank pump last summer. Spare new under bonnet pump (not fitted).
Synergy unit currently not fitted, only used for 2 months. Therefore almost brand new complete with dash switch (when I find where I safely stored it).
The car came with a hands free kit fitted complete with older Nokia cradle, mic, radio interrupt etc which a bought a Cark kit for so now has Bluetooth.
Tax until end Jan 2012.
MOT until mid June 2012.(with no advisories).
6 CD changer.
Guide you home headlights.
Dual climate control.
In view of the current financial situation (these cars and mine) I'm asking £1200 as a starting bid on ebay. Can no longer consider px for stool and length of strong rope.

I probably missed the front spots etc....








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Hiya Glynn.. I am really sorry about the job and you getting hurt.. Selling your car must be an added blow.. :(

I hope you stay on the forums and attend local meetings. life wont be the same without you.. :)

I hope things work out better for you in the future.. :)

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Thanks Jimbob. :)
I'm expecting the car sale to be a slow affair. We'll definitely have another get together even if it means getting the Shank's GT out of the shoe cupboard.

I'm glad to see the back of the job (not a very practical statement but totally honest). They ran circles round me this past year. Very demanding. The sick note will do my head as much good as my arm. Signed off until the end of December. I should pursue training in a new career. There are too many self interested vultures in healthcare for my liking.

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Sorry to hear you're having to sell Glynn.

Some info you have missed for those that don't know you or your car are what year is it? Is it a saloon or a Tourer?
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Thanks Chris. I wasn't taking my wifes threats serious enough obviously. :D
Updated (03 saloon) .......(I did get the year in the title but didn't mention it was a saloon). My brother in law is visiting from the US and he would happily buy it if we could get it in his luggage. It reminds him of our old headmasters car.

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I'm lost for words Glynn :(

All I can do is hope your luck changes... and soon. I'm not even going to wish you luck with the sale of the car. Maybe something will happen and you won't need to take such drastic action.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Thanks Paul. My daughter worked alongside me and became redundant on the same day. It looked very daunting. I know several people that have been out of work for over a year. However, She got up at the crack of dawn every day and sent her CV after every possible opportunity. First she got quite a bit of temping work, then an interview which was successful at which point the people she was temping for made her a better offer and while she was thinking that over the Job Centre offered her a place there too. She's gone with the people she was temping for. Sounds a good arrangement.

There are some that can find work in triplicate. Three job offers inside a month!!

I'm off for thysioferrapy tomorrow.

Perhaps the Transit will find a new home before Wolf does. :)

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Sorry I missed the Year in the title. Best of luck with the sale. Just wish it had come up for sale 15 months earlier. Mine has been nothing but trouble since the day I bought it.
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It did come up for sale 15 months earlier Chris (well end of April 2010) but I bought it. The only problem I've had was the in tank pump. The tracking needs doing too. I'll sort that this week. It was still a good suggestion to put the year and body type in the body of the text.

When BigRuss checked mine over at my first meet he was able to put my mind at rest that the motor was in good health and my maf was working normally. There's always that lottery aspect to buying a car.

You've proven to be persistent Chris! Sorry you couldn't just enjoy it and put your efforts (and money) elsewhere.

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@Robert who contacted me on ebay, sorry, I don't have your user name here,

I've been notified today that my reply to you was blocked as the mail address I contacted you from is not registered with ebay. I now have my mail forwarded to my gmail account. This has never been a problem until ebay became involved.
If you want the full mail I sent please pm me and I'll pm it back to you.



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I got the reply through ebay which is strange then....!
I am currently checking out several online but I DO like yours very much.
It is good to find one with a good spec and well looked after.
My only worry is that of mpg in general use compared to the manual version.
At least it won't need a clutch though!
More questions will follow I am sure.
Many thanks

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Strange indeed Robert. Oh well, I changed my contact details with them.
If I was able to keep the car I would expect no problems between now and the next MOT in June. As I said in the mail, if the prime consideration is mpg the manual does have the edge.
Good luck with your search. I'm sure you'll be delighted with the car you choose. The 75 has been a wonderful car to own, better overall than cars I've picked up with less than 30 miles on the clock.
When I bought this car my intention was to keep it until it died...and then probably revive it as many times as was financial sane. I thought I was recession proof.

I haven't seen one with rust yet.

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Car now owned by a lovely gentleman of 87 years young. Big smiles all round. I was sad to see it go but pleased to see that it was going to be appreciated. A very nice car for him.

His son drove it home and he followed in his Mitsi 4x4. The son then phoned to say he was broken down on Woodhead, the car just stopped, has it done this before? Leg pulling scoundrel...he said his dad had asked him to phone me when they got home and say he was very happy with it. That call made me happier.

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Nice to know you had a happy sale! Still wish we could have gone for it - would have loved another 75 and also to have been able to take Gill's MX5 off the road for the winter for some TLC.... C'est le vie...

(did they really call to say it had broken down?! )

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He called at his dads request to say they were safely back and he was very happy with the car....but the son thought he'd tease me a bit first by saying they were broken down.. he only kept me hanging long enough for it to be fair joke.

I gave it an hour and phoned him back to say some of the twenties were forged. He just cracked out laughing.
The new owner is a lovely old sort. Came very smart in a collar and tie and big genuine smile.
When we took the test drive the son said you have to keep him in your sights...he once went to look at a van with the other son and when the son came back from the test drive he was shocked to find his dad had already bought it. :D

( shhh... the high bid on ebay only shows the price that ebay automatically inserts...not his highest quite a margin. I tried to contact ebay but they make it nigh on impossible so..c'est la vie...I got the highest bid which is the amount he entered into ebay. Imagine our surprise when it only went up £20. Of course that includes all sorts of extras I've thrown in)

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