*** SOLD *** 2003 ZT+ CDTi auto, trophy blue by Craig

*** Car sold ***

Dear all,

My faithful daily driver ZT CDTi will soon be in need of a new home.

I have owned this car for just under a year and have covered around 10,000 miles in that time. A recent change in circumstances means I no longer have a 350 mile weekly commute, so I am in the market for something less economical. I think I may already have found a replacement. But before I can go any further, I need to sell my CDTi.

Basic info:
ZT+ CDTi auto
Trophy blue
First registered in September 2003 (originally on a 53 plate)
98,600 miles, with good history
2 keys
Tax expires end of August
MOT expires August 21 2012
Half leather / half alcantara interior in very good condition
18" hairpin alloys (currently with 1 straight fitted!)
Xenon headlights with integral washers
Climate control - still blows cold, but will need recharging soon
Webasto FBH (Fuel burning heater.)
Kenwood head unit with boot mounted CD multichanger

Just last week I had the following done by a trusted local garage:
Full service with oil change, new air filter, new fuel filter
New front brake pads, with discs and calipers cleaned up
EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve) removed and thoroughly cleaned out
1 x new rear tyre

The car isn't perfect, but it is certainly not nasty, either. Following a pre-test inspection during its recent service, I know it will need the following for the next MOT:
2 front tyres (due to minor sidewall damage)
New handbrake shoes, rear pads and discs (quoted £135 inc)

The bodywork is in pretty good order, with some fairly minor imperfections, most notably:
Minor dent in the lower half of the rear n/s door
Small dents in the roof
Minor scuffs to the corners of the rear bumper
1 broken front foglight lense (light still works)

I am a fussy so and so, but most of these were present when I bought the car and the did not put me off!

All electrical equipment is in perfect working order, with the exception of the Webasto FBH, which wasn't working when I got the car. You can view and adjust the settings, but the heater does not activate. I have never really bothered to look into this, so it might be easily remedied.

You will probably have noticed that the car currently has 1 'straight' alloy fitted. This was the spare. I asked the garage to put it on, knowing it had a good tyre. What I failed to spot was the fact that it was not a hairpin! The old hairpin wheel is current in the spare wheel well, complete with a tyre that is well past its best.

I know I could spend the extra money getting the ZT through its next MOT, but the truth is that I'd rather not and time is in short supply. So, I thought I'd offer it here first, at a reduced price. Obviously, if there is no interest, I will bite the bullet, put the it through the next MOT then advertise it for its market value.

As it stands, I'll take £1200 for it.

If anyone has questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Posted 09 Jul 2012, 22:51 #1