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For some time I have been concerned at my cars fuel consumption, only 23MPG must confess it has been like this since I purchased it in 2006 when money wasn’t so tight but I have only my pension to live on and I need to economise.
I have started driving with the Snow Mode on all the time, my thinking is that it starts in a higher gear and changes at lower revs I’ve also set my cruse control at 55MPH on motorways.
My only worry is that I might be causing irreparable damage to the auto box.
What do you think Lads?

Posted 11 Apr 2014, 18:59 #1 

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Wouldn't have thought so, it is a user option
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Posted 13 Apr 2014, 19:55 #2 

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I'd be surprised if it helped with the MPG. Yes, you might be starting in a higher gear, but the torque converter will therefore be 'slipping' more (actually it will have a higher difference between the input and output rotors) and this increased 'slip' will reduce efficiency. Modern auto boxes have as many as eight gears to help with economy, so I can't see reducing five down to three is the right way to go.

Posted 14 Apr 2014, 19:04 #3 

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You won't do the box any harm, but as others have said, it won't do your fuel consumption any favours as you effectively reducing the efficiency of the gearbox by doing so!

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Posted 15 Apr 2014, 07:38 #4 

As one from the lower order 45 V6 auto, I am afraid I have given up worrying about fuel. Our 45 doesn't do much more to the gallon but then I like driving it. Same Jatco box. Dragging up memories from my police driving courses, it is the 'featherlight touch' that makes the difference and wow local pottering to open road, there is a pretty humungus difference. Anyway if fuel economy is a problem then a fiesta diesel might be the answer!!!! Sorry comfort wins.

Posted 02 May 2014, 15:14 #5