Slave cylinder...Help by tcable

So i have just had the master cylinder changed on my diesel and after only 16 miles the clutch is on the floor again, so it must be the slave, annoying as it was changed around 18 months ago.

Is it right that i should fit a freelander slave, and if so, where is the best place to buy one

Thanks in advance for any help

Posted 30 Oct 2011, 19:20 #1 

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Master and slave usually go close together...the crap from the master finishes off the slave. As far as I am aware there is bog all difference between a Landrover TD4 slave and a standard one - other than metal pipes on the Landy one..which makes little difference! The key thing will be to have fresh fluid in the master section again...the slave will already have its own..

Posted 30 Oct 2011, 19:28 #2