slam panel bolts by kandyman

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Evening all,

Im looking to swap over the old rusty bolts for some nice shiny ones :)

Has anyone got any links to the some ?

I know there M6 bolts but im not sure on the correct lenght to get.


Posted 04 Apr 2013, 18:22 #1 

There is a Seller on the other Club selling some that fit nicely into the Rubber tops on the old car, or just on their own. Stainless Steel. £8.50 iirc a set.

I bought some, haven't fitted them yet. If you are interested I will post / PM a link (Whichever is suitable) :)

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Posted 04 Apr 2013, 21:34 #2 

Suffolk Man
the bonnet catch ones are m6x30 air intake on a diesel are m6x16

Posted 23 Apr 2013, 21:45 #3