setting up an IPcam with a server? by Duncan

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I'm reasonably network literate, but nowhere near any kind of expert, so maybe someone can advise on this one.

I have a NAS which also works as a web server. Using a service to redirect a domain to my non fixed IP has been working fine.

Now the said NAS has the ability to connect IP cameras, and pick up the video stream and display it record it and so on.

Now the problem seems to be, the IP cameras (I have only one) also have a web interface. So if I connect it to my network, although the NAS can see it fine, I can't access my webserver or mailserver. In fact at one point I saw the camera web UI instead. So I think I have two devices responding when I browse to that domain.

Hope that makes sense.

So, I don't want the camera to respond when I browse to the domain, I can see it via the server. So I cahnged the camera to respond on port 8080 instead of port 80. It seems to have worked.

Can anyone confirm my theory is right, and the fix is the right thing to do?

In fact has anyone else done stuff like this before?

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I think (and this is only from the opinion of a very computer-savy but not a network expert point of view) that what you've done is fine. Normally HTTP requests are via port 80 and HTTPS requests via another port and FTP by yet another one. Changing the camera to use another port not normally reserved for http/ftp etc access would suffice. If you wanted to make the camera secure then if your firewall allows then block access to the port the camera is on except to specific IP addresses (if they are known).

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Thanks. That was kind of where I was getting to.

I think my firewall is blocking the new port anyway: I can browse to the camera via my own network internal IP address, but not to the URL:port like I do for the web server management interface. maybe I'll look at opening tha port anyway to allow direct camera management, but maybe not.

Anyhow, thanks for the comments, Simon.

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