Set of early V6 Bremi coils and HT leads **OBTAINED** by Bolin


As titled - I am looking for a set of early V6 Bremi coil packs and HT leads in perfect working order.

So what I want is:

3 plug-top Bremi coil packs that sit on the rear bank cam cover, directly onto the rear spark plugs

3 remote Bremi coil packs that screw to the front lower metal inlet manifold

3 HT leads that go between the 3 remote coils and the 3 front spark plugs

Must have been seen working on an engine that was running absolutely perfectly - I need these to see if they cure some running issues, I don't know if mine are actually faulty or not. :(

And preferably at a cheap price too please, if possible :hail:

Thanks, Bolin


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Please let me have a good look in the shed later today for you cheers cheers Arctic

Posted 24 Nov 2013, 02:33 #2