September 2012 - Club SeventyFive Birthday Celebrations by Jürgen

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Hello friends

On Saturday 8 September 2012 the Club SeventyFive will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the Car and Technology Museum in Sinsheim, Germany.

Everyone is welcome!

The venue is located just 400 miles east of Calais ... ;)
But if by chance you're around that time of the year, come and join us.

All the details can be found here.

Posted 13 Mar 2012, 14:22 #1 

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:cheers: you're almost temping me, apart from the fact money may not be available for it . but if that changes .....never say never . who of thought i would of gone to Germany last year :thumbsup: :cheers: and survived .

Posted 13 Mar 2012, 16:17 #2 

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(Site Admin)
Bump. :)

Posted 27 Mar 2012, 10:53 #3 

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:!: Important bump, because it's about time to decide. The organising teams, both of the Club and the museum, need some time to prepare this special event.

So if you want to be part of it, please register until 1 August by adding your name on the Club SeventyFive community website. Look for the button Add me to list, click on it and fill in the number of people.

The fee will be about £16 per person. Add about £14 for a guided museum tour. Paypal will be provided for non Euro payments of course. Have a look at the links in my first post.

Posted 29 Jul 2012, 12:38 #4 

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very temping but as i said on the club 75 site alas not this time......... and that was before i noticed it was the same time as a certain Rover 75 club meet which i have signed up for :em: :gmc: ... i would of loved to of come but after mostly a year of 4 day weeks and how money is.... i am sad not to be able to go to this but real life can effect our hobbies and i look forward to seeing the photos ....
maybe i do hope that we will visit again you lot over the channel :thumbsup: and try to make as many car events we can in the uk....

Posted 29 Jul 2012, 18:54 #5