Self-levelling suspension - the finale by PaulT

Having obtained the units and the correct springs last Saturday was the day to fit.

Jacked the car up and positioned it on axles stands.

Right, slcaken the top arm inner mounting bolts - qucik look and they are nicely located for maximum difficulty. Let's try without loosening them.

Undo and remove the lower arm inner mounting bolt. Socket on an a heave and the socket slipped round. Oh needs a six sided socket for this which I did not have. Dispatched someone to go to Halfords to get one. To protestations of I will come back with the wrong one I gave her a black (for air tools) six sided 17mm socket with instructions that I want exactly one of those but in 15mm.

Thought while I am waiting I will see if the other side will come out which it did. However, the spring did not fall out so got two stout screwdrivers and levered it out.

Wondered if the other side would lever out - and it did.

New springs in and levellers mounted at the top when the Cavalary came in to view. Here we are and was handed a silver star pattern 15 mm socket. 'The chap said does he want to use it with air tools'. I said no so he gave me this one'. Mmmm what exactly did you not understand about 'exactly like this one'. Also something I did not know was that Halfords now sell M&S pies as one of those had been bought - good job I was not in a hurry.

Now lets put back the lower arm mounting bolt that I managed to remove - This too a little time trying to get things to line up.

If I do this again then it will just be a case of removing the lower shock mounting bolt, dropping down as far as possible and then lever.

So off the stands and jacks and the rear of the car was higher. Will admit the previous springs were fitted by the PO a little while before I bought the car - so were they correct ones for a Tourer? Obviously aftermarket with no colour coding. Where they one for self levelling - they looked identical to the new ones but the tensioning could have been different.

So of for a test drive and yes, the back is certainly higher - should have measured the tow ball hight before and after - the before ould have told me ifit was too low.

So yesterday, having filled the trailer a test drive to see how the new to me twin axle full trailer handles. The lack of the dogs ears bouncing about told me that it was a geat deal smoother so I am calling it a success.

Proof of the pudding will be in a few weeks time when I tow the empty trailer back.


That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 21 Nov 2010, 06:40 #1 

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Well done.

I did mine by taking out the upper hub to arm mounting bolts. On the V6 one was seized so ended up doing a lower.

I reckon either of these is easier than the inner bolts that Haynes say.

Posted 21 Nov 2010, 10:00 #2