Rover 75 saloon V6 2.5L manual (and parts) by stormbind

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Hello all,

Hopefully you know me from t'other side. I am reluctantly selling my KV6 saloon and parts because my next university won't let me keep two cars on campus. I have owned this car for about 4 years.

Registered: X / 2000 (BMW years: wood dash, wider wheels, protected black sills)
Engine: KV6 2.5L (sounds great and looks clean)
Mileage: Less than 90,000
Location: Guildford, Surrey
Colour: Pearl - Dorchester Red (Heritage)
Spec: Club - afaik this means electric rear windows and self-heating mirrors
Other: Two original keys, log book
Changes: Sony head unit with CD player and a tow bar with two sockets (never used it)

NEW parts paid for by me:

Main cooling fan (Rover + resistor upgrade) - estimate these have done about 1000 miles
Clutch and peripheral parts (OEM) - estimate these have done about 5000 miles
Exhaust (v.quiet example of stainless steel with inline silencers by PowerFlow) - estimate less than 1000 miles
Front cover gasket (Rover)
Lower engine mount (Rover)
Various sensors (Bosche)
Battery (Bosche) - estimate 3 years old
Tyres (Barum Bravuris II) - nearly new

ISSUES we can probably sort out:

Rear cover gasket (not urgent but allows oil to escape - I think the part is £50)
Small ding where I reversed into a hotel (this car is full of happy memories)
Sony to BMW/Rover antenna adapter
No Tax
Needs a wash
Few light scratches

BONUS spare parts in the trunk:

Metal thermostat housing (new)
Gear cable assembly (Rover, new)
Far-side front body panel (dorchester red)
Fog lights (dorchester red)

Please discuss or make me a paltry offer. I'm not sure to sell as is, or put it through an MOT and sell for more. Let me know your thoughts.

Reluctant seller of Rover 75 saloon (KV6 2.5L) in the best Rover colour!

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Got to be worth more if it has an MOT plus the buyer can drive it home - otherwise take a chance driving it home and if caught pay the fine and get the points which will mean higher insurance or pay to have it transported.

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That makes sense but I don't think there is enough time:

The saloon needs to vacate its current parking space this weekend because my tenancy expires, plus I'm moving out of the area so can't really leave the car with a local garage.

I would really like to take an offer if there is one - can consider food stuffs. Updated the parts list.
Reluctant seller of Rover 75 saloon (KV6 2.5L) in the best Rover colour!

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Guys, we are quickly approaching the deadline. Last chance to get a working collection of many NEW parts for a paltry sum.

At this stage I would accept scrap value, and if you need: a new fan, a new metal thermostat, or a new exhaust, then this car is your easy ripe pickings.
Reluctant seller of Rover 75 saloon (KV6 2.5L) in the best Rover colour!

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I presume 4 months later that the car is sold or moved. Just wondered as the post has not been updated if it was still available.

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