Rover 75 Mk1 Tourer sandstone velour seat set by RoberB

I have 1 set of manual sandstone velour seats from a 2001 tourer.
Extremely comfortable seats, much more so than the Mk2 leathers I replaced them with.
they are in good condition, with the following caveats:
(1) there is a cigarette burn on the drivers seat. This is in my opinion easily fixed using glue and transplant fibres from carpet / under the seat.
(2) The seats could do with a clean with a rug doctor shampoo vacuum cleaner. This will bring back the bright colour to them. There is no oil stains or anything like that that I believe can't be vacumed out of the seats.
(3) Both front seats have had their air bag plastic connectors cut underneath the seat. This is an easy fix though, just use electrical connector blocks as I have done on my new leather seats.

All of this for the grand total of £0.
You must pick them up though.
Why am I selling? Because I went for a leather interior. And I don't have the space to store them. Sorry to see them go, in case I change back as they are so comfortable...

Posted 02 Aug 2011, 19:49 #1