Rover 75 Handbrake Probs by gota75infrance

Hi Gents,

I have been operating my handbrake for years with the tensioner nut on max to make it bite. It finally died some weeks ago and I have nothing when I pull on the cable.

I have a slot booked in an associative garage and need to make an educated guess at which parts to buy. I saw the posts from Arctic about the compensator. From what I understand it seems unlikely to be the 2 secondary cables. What is my best bet to buy the primary cable, or to buy primary cable with compensator?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted 23 Nov 2014, 21:21 #1 

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Hi Richard.
All you should need is a modified compensator, and then make sure the garage adjust at the rear first then at the front and your handbrake troubles should be over click the link.

PS drop me a PM if you wish to obtain one Arctic

Posted 23 Nov 2014, 23:27 #2