Rover 75 Handbrake problem by cardiffian

I have an 05 Rover 75 CDTi Manual Tourer. For sometime I have been having problems with the handbrake. My drive is fairly steep, but no steeper than others on my estate, yet my handbrake will not hold the car safely. I have to leave it in gear and recently have added a Brick!!!

My garage here in Cardiff have had the car and adjusted the handbrake on numerous occasions with varying degrees of success. A couple of months ago however they discovered that one of the handbrake shoes had disintegrated completely. This had in turn damaged the drum which necessitated new discs, pads, shoes and handbrake cable at a cost of £750. The initial shoes they fitted were no better and one failed almost immediately. The shoes were replaced with some improvement but over the last week or so the situation is back to where it was before. Is this a know fault with this model or have I just been unlucky? Is there a remedy?

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Firstly you should follow the instructions in the second post on this topic. handbrake-how-do-i-adjust-it-correctly-t1542.html

Secondly you may need to adjust the lever end as well. The best option here is to contact "Arctic" AKA Steve for a replacement uprated compensator, see here. modified-handbrake-compensator-fitting-t4025-20.html#p37232 and here modified-handbrake-compensator-fitting-t4025-40.html#p37991

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I can confirm the handbrake can be made to work quite well enough, but the usual culprit is a streched compensator.

I'd be careful of your garage too. The drums are in the discs, and the parts aren't anywhere near that money, so they've charged a big wad for labour.

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shy talk
"£750-00" what were they using, 24carat gold parts?. You need to find another garage,

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shy talk wrote:"£750-00" what were they using, 24carat gold parts?. You need to find another garage,

Have to agree!

Sounds like they "saw you coming!"

Find another place to check the car over, preferably a Specialist know by members on here!

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I am sure Ian as this sorted now and will get back to us with an update hopefully Arctic.

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